Learn High Probability Trading
"The Legend of the Holy Grail is not found within a technical indicator, but instead in a trader's ability to think and be unique. - Dr. Van Tharp, Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom"
Free 5 Part Video Course on How to Develop a High Probability Trading Setup
Do You Know What Time it Is - Learn how to filter out your trading setups by identifying the type of trading day and key times of the day to avoid trading.
Technically Speaking - Learn how to confirm you trading setups by using technical indicators the right way.
Chart Patterns R Us - Learn how to watch price action form repeatable patterns and how to take advantage of those patterns.
Stop, in the Name of Money - Learn how to identify if you are properly placing your stops and how to determine if you are using the proper risk/reward ratio for your account size
Mental Fitness for traders - Learn the importance of developing a trader's mindset for the success of your trading results